Dear Conscious Entrepreneur,

A Ripple Effect starts with YOU

We specialize in showing you exactly how to impact lives worldwide with your transformational message.

 How? By walking you through the exact steps to creating a bold and dynamic multi-6 figure business featuring YOU as an Enlightened Expert, changing peoples’ lives through the magic of your authentic message. 

Together Let’s Start a Ripple For YOU By Creating The Business Beyond Your Book!

My Clients Are Seen and Heard On:

A profitable online business is the key to enjoying freedom and prosperity from living a Laptop Lifestyle

  • Gain visibility to sell your books, products and programs

  • Develop an online strategy for branding your entrepreneurial author business and promoting it in social media

  • Automate your business creating the freedom to live the Laptop Lifestyle

  • Create an email marketing strategy to grow your community of readers and nurture your future clients

  • Develop a 6+ figure business plan for your book as an entrepreneurial author

  • Learn the business strategies the world’s most successful authors use to generate millions, so they can live the Laptop Lifestyle

  • Customize events and programs that your clients will love

  • Design a powerful Signature Program unique to you that keeps them coming back to learn more and telling all of their friends.

I’ve interviewed many of the most beloved global transformational thought leaders and authors for my television programs, such as Mandala, and documentary films, – most of these individuals follow proven, yet simple, online business models and media strategies that generate 6+ figures for them year after year.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome

    1. Getting Started

    2. Worksheets

    1. Defining Your Expert Self

    2. Worksheet

    3. Your Message

    4. Worksheet

    5. Step into the Spotlight

    6. Worksheet

    1. Email List Strategies of Professional Authors

    2. Worksheet

    3. Building your List with a Free Giveaway

    4. “Meet me” Sequence

    1. Making Offers to Grow Your Business

    2. Designing Packages and Upsell Offers

    3. Worksheets

    4. How to Charge What You are Worth with Market-Rate Pricing

    1. Premium Client Experience

    2. Create a Signature Program to use in all of Your Training

    3. Worksheet

    4. Build Milestones for Your Clients to Measure their Success

    5. Worksheets

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